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Garza Tours Tourism & Travel Agency

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About Us
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    We Are the best alternative for its trips of pleasure or business!!



Garza Tours is born in the year 1980 with the purpose of offering to the Bolivian public the possibility of knowing our country and the world with products of the first level to competitive costs.


This led us to considering  to risk on the international market across the receptive tourism and making to know the kindness of our country to the entire world.


This big effort has consolidated us inside the market of Bolivian tourism, affording to offer our services during more than 25 uninterrupted years, achieved excellent relations with the companies dedicated to this flush inside our country.



Mission & Vision




In Garza Tours we realize well to whom we must surrender completely. It is for it that we direct our mission to our Clients, our environment and our team of collaborators offering the attention of high level.


Mission towards Our Clients:


To provide the best service and the best conditions of the market; accompanied of a friendly and cordial dealing, looking for permanent relations based on the entire confidence that only is generated across the time, demonstrating fulfillment and excellence.


" To overcome the expectations of each of our clients "

Mission towards the Environment:

It is to support the environment, to preserve it, to support it, respecting our customs and traditions. Since they are a heredity for the humanity and his protection will allow that to enjoy by the future generations of the world.

Mission towards Our Team of Collaborators:

It is to look over his health, well-being and autoesteem. Also, to update them continuously and to cheer them up to progress in the future.




“ To be one of the first active tour Bolivian in the national and international ambience “


 Garza Tours Tourism & Travel Agency
Murillo N 190 esq. Charcas - Santa Cruz - Bolivia